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What Dealership Training Looks Like: An Expert Guide

What Dealership Training Looks Like: An Expert Guide

Due to the internet, customers have become more knowledgeable and well-informed than ever before. Simultaneously, the automotive industry is continuously evolving and introducing innovations. In fact, within the automotive sector, customers typically invest approximately 14 hours in research before making a vehicle purchase. As a result, when they visit a dealership, they anticipate encountering someone who possesses a similar level of expertise to provide them with sound guidance and advice.

That’s why it’s crucial for dealers to have proper dealership training and stay up to date with the latest news and technologies in the field. DealerPRO Training goes over this in depth in their latest blog.

Key Aspects of Dealership Training

Some essential factors come into play when considering dealership training. They go as follows:

  • Exploring the characteristics of each make and model, along with their distinct value propositions.
  • Examining the choices provided by each vehicle.
  • Understanding the certifications associated with the vehicles and their significance.
  • Gathering evidence related to your pricing to facilitate comparisons with competitors.

Lack of sufficient training, a well-structured sales process, and an effective customer approach can lead to underperformance among salespeople. Recruiting inexperienced sales staff and failing to offer comprehensive training leads to elevated turnover rates and creates greater obstacles in achieving sales targets.

Dealership Training for Dealers

As the manufacturer, you’ve likely developed comprehensive product knowledge materials and possess the expertise to train and educate dealers. To effectively provide value to your dealerships, creating educational and training resources in formats that are easily comprehensible and can be effectively communicated to sales teams is essential.

Modern technology enables access to knowledge asynchronously and in various formats. Digital learners may prefer video content, while others may lean towards audio, interactive websites, webinars, or video conferencing. In contrast, traditional educational methods facilitate in-person interactions and real-time resolution of inquiries.

Luckily, many companies, such as DealerPRO Training both traditional in-person training and virtual training for dealers.

The Advantages of Virtual Dealership Training

Dealership sales associates will have access to virtual learning platforms, enabling them to engage in simulated customer interactions within the automotive showroom. Virtual learning offers numerous advantages:

  • It provides an opportunity for salespeople to apply their acquired knowledge without engaging with real customers.
  • Sales associates will encounter challenging customer scenarios in the virtual dealership, enhancing their ability to respond effectively in various situations.
  • Seasoned sales professionals at the dealership can share their expertise and experience, offering guidance on how to navigate complex virtual training scenarios.
  • The virtual environment offers an engaging and dynamic space for salespeople to learn and explore different customer interactions.
  • It reinforces the knowledge gained through gamified applications and other technological solutions.

By leveraging the appropriate technological training tools, your sales team will be well-prepared to promote your vehicles, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

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