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The Best Practices in Fixed Operations for 2023

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The automotive industry is continuing its rapid evolution driven by technology, changing consumer behavior, and global market dynamics. One area witnessing substantial transformation is fixed operations, comprising the service, parts, and body shop departments of dealerships. It is an area traditionally rooted in manual processes, but the times are now changing. Let’s explore some of the best practices in fixed operations for the current year.

Incorporating Digital Solutions and Tools

The integration of digital solutions has shifted from being a luxury to a necessity. Dealerships need to recognize the importance of tools like online appointment bookings, digital vehicle inspections, and real-time customer updates. Embracing these tools doesn’t just provide an enhanced customer experience; they streamline operations, optimize workforce utilization, and improve overall efficiency. Dealerships should ensure they are continuously updating their tech stack to remain competitive and meet customer expectations.

New Digitized Processes in Fixed Operations

2023 has brought with it a host of new digitized processes. Virtual reality (VR) tools are now aiding technicians in diagnosing complex vehicle issues, minimizing the gap between experience levels. Augmented reality (AR) is enabling real-time guidance from experts from around the globe. These tech integrations are drastically reducing diagnostic times and elevating service quality. AI-driven parts management systems are even optimizing inventory, predicting which parts will be in demand, reducing holding costs, and creating timely availability.

Keeping an Eye on Emerging Trends More Closely

The pace of change is so fast now that what’s cutting-edge today may become obsolete tomorrow. Dealerships need to stay proactive. This means attending industry conferences, participating in webinars, and continuously educating themselves about global trends. Subscription-based car ownership models, electric vehicles, and the increasing software components in cars are all impacting fixed operations in novel ways. By staying updated, dealerships can anticipate challenges and pivot their strategies in time.

Getting More Feedback from Service Managers

The people on the ground, especially service managers, are often the first to witness changing patterns, potential issues, or areas of improvement. They possess insights that can’t be gleaned from data analytics or market research alone. Regularly speaking with service managers, encouraging an open feedback culture, and having structured channels for them to share their observations can provide dealerships with invaluable, actionable insights.

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