Dealership Training Programs

Fixed Ops success relies on the strength of 4 key areas in Service and Parts:

People, Process, Profitability and Accountability.
Our dealership training programs bring these key areas together.

Getting your Fixed Ops Team firing on all four cylinders isn’t an easy task…and oftentimes, dealers are spending time and money on the wrong investments. But ask yourself, “When was the last time your Managers, Advisors, Parts Personnel and BDC reps received professional, ongoing sales and leadership training via custom dealership service advisor training programs? Do they know what professional customer communication and effective sales skills look and sound like?” Most dealers tell us that, when it comes to Fixed Operations, they’ve “never had professional service advisor training or BDC sales training.”

Professional Dealership BDC Training Programs Run by Professional Trainers

DealerPRO’s In Dealership BDC Training Programs delivers the consistent, ongoing professional  dealership training your Fixed Ops Management and personnel need…and deserve…to exceed your customer’s expectations on each and every visit.  Our trainers average more than 15 years of In-Dealership fixed ops management success and empower your service team with proven processes and techniques to help you achieve 100% service absorption with service advisor training.
Through service advisor BDC sales training, we can help you solve problems … build your bottom line … and reach top performer industry benchmarks!

Take a look at some of our highlighted dealership BDC training program content below.

Comprehensive Fixed Ops Training

Service Advisor:

Expense or Investment

Advising on the MPI Results:

Customer Pay vs. Reconditioned


“We are on track to increase our fixed operations gross profit by 60% over the same period last year. That is nothing short of Amazing! We have also maintained our Customer Satisfaction Experience (CSE) scores at 96.6 MTD.”

– Thompson’s Honda

“Our Advisors’ confidence and productivity have grown expeditiously.  Our customers are seeing a more personal customer experience because our Advisors take ownership of each and every customer interaction. We are anxious to see what the future holds as we now feel we are on the correct path to achieve our lofty goals!”

– Suburban Subaru

Hartford, CT

“We were lucky enough to become a member of DealerPRO’s $200K Club, increasing our gross profit in the first year by over $200,000. They provide excellent one-on-one training in sales and customer service to our parts and service writers.”

– Gilroy Nissan Hyundai

San Jose, CA

“DealerPRO has trained my team to pay attention to every detail in the customer process, especially the service drive-through process, and excel in the small things EVERY DAY. Things we take for granted, DealerPRO taught us to pay attention to, to be more accurate and complete, and it has brought everyone’s level of service to a higher standard.”

– Addison Chevrolet Buick GMC

Toronto, ON, CAN

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