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If you’re looking for a team of fixed ops training experts invested in your service and parts success — stop looking. You found us.

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Don Reed


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Jennifer Elsken

CFO Partner

In many ways, we’re the same company Don Reed, our founder, started back in 2000.  Our primary focus is on building training programs for your fixed ops team that drive a higher level of customer service while maximizing fixed ops profitability in service and parts.

Our company has changed over the years too. We’ve stayed on top of technology trends, new communication strategies, and changes in customer expectations in order to help our dealers optimize their investments in the service drive.

How do we do this?  By delivering professional training to your most valuable investments in service and parts. . . your people.

Meet some of our people who are passionate about Fixed Operations and, more importantly, have the knowledge, skill, and drive to help you achieve a higher level of performance from your Service and Parts team!

Our Fixed Ops Specialists are passionate about helping Advisors, Managers, Parts Personnel, Technicians, Administrators and Dealers achieve more in Service and Parts.   

With their extensive background in auto retail fixed ops management, our fixed ops team knows how to deliver a customized training plan for your fixed ops team.  Our trainers are experts at applying management principles and leadership strategies that hold teams accountable…daily, weekly, monthly…to a higher standard of performance and customer care. 

Our trainers are located throughout the U.S. and provide our award winning training programs to dealerships across the U.S. and Canada.  

 Our corporate office is located in Columbus, Ohio where you’ll find our amazing support team, as well as our highly rated DealerPRO Training Center for Manager and Advisor workshops.

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Call Kristin Williams toll free at 1-888-553-0100 or email results@dealerprotraining.com.

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Ken Barnes

Director of Sales

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Rod Davis

Director of Operations

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Bill Horgan

Director of Training

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Kristin Williams

Manager, Dealer Development


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