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Discover Your Training Potential with Profit Analysis and Profit Improvement Plan

For one good reason or another, you’re on our website checking out our award winning training, and profit training analysis trying to find out as much as you can about us, our results, our training philosophy and more. You’re interested in our profit enhancement training and profit improvement plan, and you want to know who you’re dealing with.

Well, we want to know about you too to create our profit improvement plan. So, we take it a step further for our profit training. We visit in person, meet you and your team, and provide an 8-page financial and operational analysis of your Service and Parts Departments.

Our profit training analysis starts by observing things like phone processes, the customer interactions on the drive, the dispatching process, the workflow in the shop and more. We’ll utilize your financial statements, DMS Reports, Technician payroll, CSI scores and a large sample of Repair Orders, to put together our final analysis and review. We can show the clear link between service training and profit for your business.

Our Profit Training Analysis Includes:

  • 24-month Labor trend analysis
  • 24-month Parts trend analysis
  • 24-month Repair Order count analysis
  • Repair Order Analysis of 100 RO’s (CP and Reconditioning)
  • Customer Pay vs. Internal RO Comparison Report
  • What’s Your Number Report: Your performance vs. Industry Benchmarks
  • 12-month Business Plan for Growth: 1st level and 2nd level projection

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