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Recognized by dealers nationwide as the #1 dealership training company

DealerPRO Training enhances automotive service department efficiency and profitability through tailored dealership training programs. Our dealership training services include advisor, manager, and BDC training, boosting customer retention and gross profits.

Recognized by dealers nationwide as the #1 dealer training company


Flexible Dealership Training Programs

Increase the efficiency and profitability of your service department with effective auto dealership training programs. At DealerPRO Training, we provide service and parts dealership training that meets your team’s specific needs.  We offer service advisor training, service manager training, and BDC training, as well as other training options for boosting customer retention and gross profits.


The success of your automotive dealership depends largely on the service provided by your service and parts team. Even with experience, advisors, managers, and parts counter personnel may lack training on the most efficient processes that deliver better customer service and increased gross profits. Dealership training ensures that your team exceeds your customer’s expectations and, as a result, builds customer retention.  

Multiple Dealership Training Programs to Suit Your Needs

At DealerPRO Training, we understand that every dealership operates differently. What works for one dealership may not work for your dealership, which is why we offer multiple options for getting fixed ops training and dealership training:

  • In-dealership training programs
  • Multi-store workshops
  • In-person fixed ops training center
  • Virtual fixed ops dealer training 

Our automotive service advisor dealership training programs are available virtually or in person. Our in-person options include training programs for your service and parts team in your dealership or in Columbus, Ohio at our Fixed Ops Training Center.

DealerPRO employs the top fixed ops training experts for auto dealership training. Our trainers have years of experience as fixed ops managers, as well as in training service advisors, managers, technicians, and parts personnel on the best practices in the automotive dealership industry. It’s how we’ve become the number 1 in service dealership training company

Contact us for all your dealership training needs, including service advisor training or fixed operations consulting tailored to your dealership. Whether you are an automotive service advisor, manager, or technician, we can give you the tools needed to deliver better results.

Browse our training programs to find the solution that works best for you.

WHY hire us

Better Trainers.
Bigger Results.

Like many dealers, you’re shorting yourself thousands of dollars in labor and parts gross profit for one reason, and one reason only:  Lack of professional dealership training for your Service and Parts team. Introducing Our Proven Dealer Training Service Our proven, in-dealership training develops your Service Advisors into top customer retention specialists and builds your service and parts management team into department leaders who hold your service and parts teams accountable to a higher level of performance. Start earning the gross profits you deserve in Fixed Operations.
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what we offer
Four Ways To Get DealerPRO Training

In Dealership

Accelerate profits while building your service sales, CSI, and customer retention by bringing our experts to your dealership for face-to-face training.

Multi-Store Workshops

Advisor and Manager Training designed for auto groups that want higher-performing Advisors in the drive, and professionally trained leaders who hold their teams accountable to a higher standard of performance.

Ohio Training Center

2-and 3-day dealership training workshops designed to get your fixed ops personnel “off the drive” and focused on getting the professional training they need to drive higher performance.

DealerPRO Virtual Training Network

Over 80 chapters of dynamic fixed ops content for Advisors, Managers and GMs who want to train remotely.
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Meet Don Reed, Our CEO

Don Reed is the founder and prime mover of DealerPRO Training. As a former Car Dealer, Don knows it takes a well-trained team in Fixed Operations to be successful in the auto industry. His passion for excellence in service and dealership training is highly contagious and is why Dealers across the nation consistently vote Don’s ideas to be among the best they’ve ever heard in Fixed Ops.

What Dealers and GM’s say
“We are on track to increase our fixed operations gross profit by 60% over the same period last year. That is nothing short of Amazing! We have also maintained our Customer Satisfaction Experience (CSE) scores at 96.6 MTD.”
– Thompson’s Honda
“Our Advisors’ confidence and productivity have grown expeditiously. Our customers are seeing a more personal customer experience because our Advisors take ownership of each and every customer interaction. We are anxious to see what the future holds as we now feel we are on the correct path to achieve our lofty goals!”
– Suburban Subaru
Hartford, CT

“We were lucky enough to become a member of DealerPRO’s $200K Club, increasing our gross profit in the first year by over $200,000. They provide excellent one-on-one training in sales and customer service to our parts and service writers.”

– Gilroy Nissan Hyundai
San Jose, CA
“DealerPRO has trained my team to pay attention to every detail in the customer process, especially the service drive-through process, and excel in the small things EVERY DAY.  Things we take for granted, DealerPRO taught us to pay attention to, to be more accurate and complete, and it has brought everyone’s level of service to a higher standard.”
– Addison Chevrolet Buick GMC
Toronto, ON, CAN
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DealerPRO will construct a thorough and inclusive overview of your dealership, enabling you to assess the most effective methods for leveraging your strengths and addressing your weaknesses.

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