The Service and Parts Department:  Working Together Equals Greater Profitability

One of the most important aspects of running a successful dealership is ensuring that the service and parts departments are working together to create a profitable business. When these two departments are effectively working together, it ensures that customers are properly serviced and that parts are available when and where they are needed most. This is essential for a dealership to remain competitive and profitable. Let’s review the synergies available between these two departments and how fixed operations can be optimized.

Why does the service department need a well-run parts department?

The complementary nature of the service and parts departments is vital to the dealership’s success. When the parts department can source parts quickly and accurately, service is able to provide quality service to the customers. Conversely, when the service department is unable to provide quality service, it can severely impact parts  sales.   To ensure the best possible service and parts department synergy, both departments must be well-run and organized.

Why does the parts department need a well-run service department?

The parts department must be able to provide quality parts to the service department to ensure timely service for customers. If the parts department cannot meet these demands, it will have a negative impact on the dealership’s overall competitiveness.

Why should you treat your internal parts sales the same as your retail sales?

One of the most important aspects of a well-run parts department is ensuring that sales are maximized. This is essential for the parts department to be able to meet the demands of the service department and ensure timely customer service.

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