Revenue-Boosting Tips for Automobile Dealerships

Revenue-Boosting Tips for Automobile Dealerships

Within every department in a car dealership, there are ways to increase revenue. The sales team is an important part of a dealership’s success, and the following tips will help them maximize the potential of every customer interaction. However, fixed operations, marketing, and other departments all have a role to play in boosting revenue. Here are some tips for increasing dealership revenue and finding the best dealership training programs to put your team on the right track.

Revisit Unsold Services

Typically, many customers will come into the dealership for a specific service but leave without it. This can be due to several factors, such as a customer not being able to afford the service or not wanting to commit to the work needed.

To encourage customers to actually book and purchase these services, you should provide discounts and other incentives to entice them. Additionally, you should provide an upsell opportunity, such as offering additional services or products to customers who are already in the dealership.

Merchandising Opportunities

Showroom and service bay merchandising is a great way to increase revenue. By displaying items that are relevant to customers, such as vehicle accessories or maintenance products, you can encourage them to purchase additional items. Additionally, when customers are in the dealership, they are more likely to purchase services, such as an oil change or a tire rotation, or even entire vehicles.

How to Plan Shop Hours

Optimizations come in many forms, but as labor hours are one of the biggest overhead costs for dealership fixed operations, this is one of the first areas to address when looking to increase profits. Start by creating a shop hours strategy that takes into account the demand for services, customer preferences, and the availability of staff.

After trialing the new schedule for some time, review the results and make any necessary adjustments. For example, if certain services are in high demand, adding additional working hours on those days might be beneficial. You should also consider the cost of labor, such as the overtime rate, and the potential impact on customer satisfaction.

Optimize Working Hours Through Clear Communication

Clear communication is essential to any successful dealership. It allows staff to coordinate their efforts and be more productive. To ensure effective communication, you should consider using a communication platform that allows staff to share information and collaborate on projects quickly. Additionally, you should ensure that all staff members have access to the same information, such as customer records and sales data. This will help them to serve customers better and make informed decisions.

Find the Best Dealership Training Programs to Put Your Team on the Right Track

Many dealerships offer training programs to their staff. These programs help to ensure that staff is kept up to date on the latest industry trends and best practices. Additionally, staff should be provided with information on the dealership’s processes, such as sales and service procedures.

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