Maximize Your Dealership’s Efficiency with Prepaid Maintenance Plans

Every Dealer Service Department Should Have Prepaid Maintenance Plans

Service departments build relationships with customers who trust their dealership for all of their service needs. Prepaid maintenance plans are a great way for dealerships to not only build that trust but also to increase customer loyalty and keep service customers coming back. Let’s discuss why every dealer service department should have prepaid maintenance plans, the benefits they can offer, and how to sell more with automotive service advisor training.

Prepaid Maintenance Plan Benefits

While the primary benefit of prepaid maintenance plans for customers is convenience, there are other benefits that customers can enjoy.

Helps Customers Budget

Prepaid maintenance plans allow customers to budget for their service needs, ensuring that they have the funds available to cover the cost of routine maintenance. They will also appreciate the pricing transparency and fixed cost, as most people include their car maintenance in their monthly budget.

Dealers Can Create New Offers

In addition, prepaid maintenance plans allow dealerships to offer discounts on labor and parts for regular maintenance services. Promotions for prepaid plans are often a good way to introduce new customers to the service department.

This helps customers save money on service and allows them to keep their vehicles in top condition.

Building Loyalty

Brand and customer loyalty are also key benefits of prepaid maintenance plans. When customers purchase a plan, they’re likely to remain loyal to the dealership they purchased the plan from. This means they’ll be more likely to bring their vehicle back to the dealership for service in the future and recommend your dealer to friends and family.

Selling Prepaid Maintenance Plans Through Your Service Department

1. Educate Customers

Customers are more likely to purchase a prepaid maintenance plan if they understand the value it offers. Make sure your service advisors are well-informed about the plan’s value and benefits, and that they explain it clearly to customers.

2. Offer Discounts

Offering discounts on labor and parts when customers purchase a prepaid maintenance plan is a great way to incentivize customers to buy a plan.

3. Promote the Plans

Take advantage of all available marketing channels to promote the plans to your customers. This includes email, direct mail, website, and social media.

4. Track Customer Satisfaction

It’s important to track customer satisfaction with the plan. Ask customers for feedback and use it to improve the plan and make it even more appealing to customers.

How can DealerPRO Training Help With Automotive Service Advisor Training?

DealerPRO Training’s fixed operations training for service departments can help your team sell more prepaid maintenance plans. Our team of experienced trainers can help you create an automotive service advisor training plan that is tailored to your dealership’s needs, and provide your team with the necessary tools and training to make sure it is successful. We can also help your team understand how to market the plan to customers and how to track customer satisfaction.

Let’s talk about your fixed ops performance and our service advisor training program – contact us and start selling more today.