BDC Training for Service Advisors: A Comprehensive Guide

BDC Training for Service Advisors: A Comprehensive Guide

Business Development Center Training trains dealerships in revenue growth, customer retention, and new business development. Service Advisors are the backbone of your service department, and BDC Training is designed to help them be the best they can be.

BDC training covers topics such as:

  • How to identify and attract new customers
  • How to develop and maintain relationships with customers
  • How to generate new business
  • How to market and sell products and services

The program is offered in both a classroom setting and an online format and is designed for service advisors in both independent and chain dealerships. Let’s discuss automotive BDC Training and how it can take your service department to the next level.

Retail Service Managers: What Do They Do?

Retail service managers in the automotive industry are responsible for the overall service experience of their customers. This includes everything from handling customer complaints to ensuring that the customer’s vehicle is properly serviced.

To provide the best service possible, retail service managers must know a variety of automotive topics. This includes understanding how vehicles work, how to diagnose and fix problems, and how to sell products and services.

What it Takes to Be Successful as a Service Manager

Service managers have to direct their advisors to deliver every time, on every sale. There are a few key elements that will contribute to the success of the service advisors and the department as a whole.

Effective Communication Skills

This is sales – it takes two to tango. As a service manager, you need to be able to effectively communicate with your customers and staff members. This means being able to listen and understand what’s going on, and then being able to relay that information to the people who need to know it.

Cross-Training for Department Collaboration

To provide the best service possible, service managers need to be able to work together as a team. They should have a wide variety of skills and knowledge so that everyone on staff can contribute to the service experience.

Curating a True “Sales Culture”

To generate new business and keep customers, service managers have to create a “sales culture” in their departments. This means creating an atmosphere where customers feel welcome and confident in asking questions and buying products and services.

Your Service Department Performance

Measuring performance is possible in a few areas for service advisors, but it is important that service managers have a holistic view of their department’s performance. This means taking into account things like customer satisfaction, sales targets, and employee training and development.

One of the best ways to figure out if your dealership is managing its fixed operations well is with a Profit Potential Analysis. This analysis will identify areas where profits can be increased, and it will provide a blueprint for improving service quality and generating more revenue.

Workshops and Training

BDC training is more than just a course. Working with a qualified instructor, you can create a workshop that addresses the specific needs of your dealership. This can include topics like new business development, service marketing, and product sales.

What to Look for in a Trainer

When looking for a trainer to provide BDC training, it’s important to consider a variety of factors.


The person advising your team should have extensive experience in the automotive industry, particularly running a dealership and dealing with sales teams. You should check to see if the trainer has any experience working with service advisors specifically.


All trainers at DealerPRO Training have the appropriate credentials and training to provide the best BDC training possible.

In-Person or Online Training?

The majority of BDC training at DealerPRO Training is delivered in person, but we do offer a variety of online courses as well. This allows trainers to provide the training where it’s most convenient for their customers, and view lessons on their own time.

Adjusting Performance on the Fly

Working with a service department is more than just giving them a new script and some fresh ideas. It’s important that the training team is embedded in the dealership so that they can quickly adjust the training as needed. This means that the training is relevant and valuable to the service advisors who will be using it.

When DealerPRO Training’s team goes in for workshops and training, we work with your dealership on real scenarios and using your real books. We want the training to be as realistic as possible so that it has a tangible impact on the service advisors and the dealership as a whole.

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It’s time to take your automotive service department to the next level. DealerPRO Training offers a variety of BDC training options that are designed to help service advisors be the best they can be.

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