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Optimizing Your Dealership’s Fixed Operations with Expert Consultants

Optimizing Your Dealership’s Fixed Operations with Expert Consultants

Running a dealership isn’t just about selling cars. The after-sales services, often known as fixed operations, are just as important to a dealership’s success. From oil changes and tire rotations to major repairs, the service department can be a significant revenue generator. However, maximizing this revenue and ensuring customer satisfaction is not as straightforward as it might seem. That’s where fixed ops consultants come into the picture. These experts help in optimizing various aspects of a dealership’s fixed operations, from manpower and processes to marketing and sales.

Your Dealership’s Fixed Operations Performance is About People

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that your service department is essentially about people: the mechanics who work on the vehicles, the service advisors who interact with customers, and of course, the customers themselves. A well-oiled team that is trained to provide excellent customer service is the backbone of any successful fixed operations department.

Fixed ops consultants usually start by analyzing the current team dynamics, training programs, and customer service protocols. They identify gaps in employee training or areas where better communication is needed. By doing so, they help build a team that not only performs efficiently but also represents the dealership in the best possible way.

Fixed Ops Marketing

Now let’s talk about getting customers through the door. Fixed ops consultants don’t just focus on the internal workings of a service department; they also help in marketing your services. It’s not enough to offer oil changes or tire rotations; you need to let potential customers know why they should choose your service department over another.

This may involve a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes targeted ads, SEO-optimized content, and even social media campaigns. Fixed ops consultants help in devising effective marketing strategies tailored to your service offerings and customer demographics. This can significantly boost your customer reach and, ultimately, your revenue.

How Fixed Operations Consultants Improve Dealer Sales and More

You might think that fixed ops consultants only concern themselves with the service department, but their impact extends far beyond. By improving operational efficiency, training staff, and boosting customer satisfaction in your service department, they indirectly contribute to an overall better brand image. When customers have a positive experience with your service department, they are more likely to return for their next car purchase or recommend your dealership to friends and family. In other words, a well-run fixed operations department can serve as a catalyst for improving sales and customer retention across the entire dealership.

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