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Essential Insights for Fixed Operations in 2023: Key Takeaways

Essential Insights for Fixed Operations in 2023: Key Takeaways

Digital systems are poised to play a significant role in the Automotive industry. While digital solutions offer numerous advantages, the forthcoming challenge lies in striking a balanced approach moving forward. Here, DealerPRO Training explains the key takeaways for fixed operations below:

Implementing Digital Features

Digital marketing and social media have long been potent instruments for boosting vehicle sales and driving traffic to service centers. They streamline the delivery of exclusive offers and effective calls to action to precisely target customers.

Automotive industry reports indicate a growing reliance on digital tools, ushering in a touchless service and parts department experience.

Face-to-Face Interaction

Though digital solutions can enhance the customer experience, they often replace face-to-face interactions in transactions, posing a challenge in building customer relationships. Effective business leaders understand that relationships are pivotal in the success of a service department. Therefore, fixed operations leaders must effectively blend these two vital aspects of their business—digital and personal contact—for optimal fixed operations practices in the future. But how should they do it?

New Strategies and Process Utilized

Processes like online appointment scheduling and automated check-in/check-out systems have become commonplace. Even vehicle inspections and report card procedures have gone digital, improving efficiency and positively impacting the bottom line. These advancements also enhance the overall customer experience, much like other automated services.

However, as service departments universally adopt such processes, the challenge arises: how can they differentiate themselves? While some may not remember full-service gas stations, the reason customers returned to them was clear. They appreciated the personal touch from attendants who greeted them, pumped gas, and even cleaned windshields.

Today, price and location largely dictate where we choose to fill up, with the cashier having little influence. Out of sight, out of mind.

Similarly, as dealership service departments increasingly rely on digital tools, a critical question emerges: How can they secure their place as a customer’s first choice when there’s no personal connection? The broader question remains: Why should it be an either-or scenario?

How the Future of Fixed Operations Could Look

According to service managers, it appears that dealerships are inclined to maintain all these practices. Dealers will persist in providing concierge services and maintaining digital communications with their clients. Additionally, some have suggested an uptick in the utilization of video for repair consultations. This approach offers customers a visual representation of the service being carried out, instilling confidence in the service provider.

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