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The Skills and Training You Need to Become an Automotive Service Advisor

The Skills and Training You Need to Become an Automotive Service Advisor

An automotive service advisor is in the middle of operations in auto repair shops and dealerships. They act as the go-between for customers and service technicians, creating clear communication and service. Here are the job responsibilities, ways to manage stress, necessary skills, and steps to become an automotive service advisor, or automotive technical advisor.

Automotive Service Advisor Job Responsibilities

Automotive service advisors greet customers, listen to their concerns about their vehicles, and explain the work needed. They also provide cost estimates and timelines, manage service orders, and keep customers updated on their vehicle’s status. Advisors need a good understanding of automotive services and parts to accurately inform customers and technicians.

Handling the Stress

Working as a service advisor can be stressful due to the need to manage expectations and sometimes deliver bad news about repair costs or timeframes. Successful advisors stay organized, prioritize tasks, and maintain open communication with both customers and technicians. Developing a thick skin and practicing patience are also vital in managing day-to-day stress.

Skills to be a Great Service Advisor

Great automotive service advisors need excellent communication skills to explain technical information in simple terms. They also need strong customer service skills, a solid understanding of automotive technology, and the ability to use diagnostic tools and software. Being detail-oriented and having good organizational skills are also important.

Process for Becoming an Automotive Service Advisor

Becoming an automotive service advisor typically requires a high school diploma, though some positions may prefer candidates with post-secondary automotive training. Experience in customer service, automotive repair, or sales is beneficial. Many advisors start in entry-level positions and gain knowledge through on-the-job training. Certifications, such as those from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), can also enhance job prospects.

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