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How to Maximize Your Car Dealership’s Potential with a Specialized BDC

How to Maximize Your Car Dealership’s Potential with a Specialized BDC

Car dealerships that want to improve sales and customer service are turning to Business Development Centers (BDCs because of how they expand dealership potential rapidly. Here’s how to establish a specialized BDC within a car dealership, and how to find the best automotive BDC training.

BDC in a Car Dealership

A BDC focuses on generating sales and service opportunities by managing customer relationships through various communication channels. It’s a strategic unit that handles inquiries, follow-ups, and customer service, ensuring that potential and existing customers receive timely and effective communication.

Effective Characteristics of a Business Development Center

Success in a BDC requires a combination of skilled communication, customer service excellence, and in-depth product knowledge. The center should be proactive in reaching out to leads and responsive to inquiries, using customer data to personalize communication and improve engagement.

Team Size and Work Location

The ideal size of a BDC team depends on the dealership’s volume of leads and sales targets. While smaller dealerships might operate effectively with a few skilled individuals, larger ones may need a more extensive team. The work location can be flexible; some dealerships might integrate the BDC within their premises, while others might opt for a remote setup to reduce costs and attract talent.

Scheduling and Volume

To maximize efficiency and lead conversion, scheduling in a BDC should align with peak customer inquiry times. This might mean adjusting shifts to cover evenings and weekends. Monitoring inquiry volume helps to adjust staffing levels accordingly, ensuring that each lead receives prompt and personalized attention.

Considering Post-Sale and Post-Service Maintenance of Reputation

A BDC plays a crucial role in maintaining the dealership’s reputation post-sale and post-service. Follow-up calls and satisfaction surveys can help identify areas for improvement and encourage positive reviews, which are vital for attracting new customers.

BDC Equipment

Effective operation requires the right tools. This includes a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to track interactions and data, telephony equipment for clear communication, and computers with access to dealership management systems for real-time information on inventory and services.

BDC Roles

A specialized BDC includes various roles, including appointment coordinators, follow-up agents, and internet sales managers. Each role focuses on different stages of the customer journey, from initial contact and appointment setting to post-sale follow-up and service scheduling.

Contact DealerPRO Training to Learn More About Automotive BDC Training

If you’re to develop or enhance your BDC, professional training is invaluable. DealerPRO Training offers specialized courses in automotive BDC training, covering strategies, processes, and skills needed to build a successful and efficient business development center. Investing in training makes sure your team has the expertise to drive sales and customer satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about our automotive BDC training.