Don The Dealer

Don Reed’s dynamic approach to Fixed Ops makes sense because he’s done it himself.

He was born in the business, starting in Parts at his Dad’s dealership, getting first-hand knowledge and appreciation of the importance of Fixed Ops …

His 26 years of dealership experience includes being General Manager and Dealer Principal of his own stores in Alaska. He used his dynamic personality to attract customers, build customer loyalty … and achieve “100% Service Absorption.”

Here are some fun glimpses of a younger Don at work …

Hoisted Up For A Trade-In

Don Will Take Any Trade-In

Double The Don

Delivering What A Woman Wants

Low Down Hoe Down With $500

Do-Si-Do … Do You Have The Dough?

Don Creates Alaska’s Hockey Rivalry

Alaska Hockey Takes On The World

Giving Back To The Community

Don Giving Back To His Customers

Don Will Sell Anybody’s Cars!

Get A Warranty That Never Expires 😉

In Alaska, You Have To Be Tough

In Alaska, The Vehicles Have To Be Tough

No Huffing, No Puffing — Plenty Of Wind

Don Gets His Team Moving, Too!