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5 Keys to Retaining Top Performing Service Advisors

Dave Versical
Fixed Ops Journal

Don Reed
DealerPRO Training

This webinar addresses 5 key areas that you must focus on and develop a process for when hiring and retaining new service advisors: effective recruiting, proper job description, training, compensation that motivates and accountability.
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• The job description that attracts the best Service Advisor candidates

• 11 key skills every Advisor must develop to become a top performer in service

• Why “Green Peas” can turn out to be your
highest performing
Service Advisors

• Compensation plans that motivate Advisors to achieve higher CSI and provide excellent customer experiences … and prevent them from being recruited by someone else!

• Why failure to properly train your service advisers results in higher turnover and can cost an average dealer about $144K a year in lost customer pay gross profits PER ADVISOR