The Value of a Service Advisor

And What Service Advisors Say …

“I would just like to take a minute to give thanks to everyone at DealerPRO for their professional teaching and coaching … I was skeptical at first … but persistent coaching and advice has brought my hours per RO from 1.0 to 1.9 and pushing 2.0 within just a month. I feel my trainer has taken more time to teach me and push me to not only be more profitable and an asset for my company, but to also be more profitable for myself.”
Chad Smith, Service Advisor, Lewis Ford,
Fayetteville, AR

“I was averaging a little over 2.0 hours per RO. We brought in DealerPRO to improve our overall write up area and productivity. DealerPRO gave us a daily process to follow and as a result I finished December with a 2.6 hour per RO average and I’m already averaging 2.8 for January. I also made the most money in my career this year and DealerPRO helped me get there.”
Dan Fritzinger, Service Advisor, Rothrock
Motor Sales, Allentown, PA

“I really can’t believe how much DealerPRO Training has given me. My sales have improved so much that I see myself outselling every imaginable goal that I’ve ever had without an extra thought now that I’ve completed the training. I now overcome 3.0 hours per RO each month with ease. DealerPRO training isn’t just training…It’s a new way of life for you, your dealership AND your customers!!”
David Kendrick, Assistant Service Manager,
Killebrew Dodge-Jeep, Victoria, TX

“I’ve learned many new skills and techniques to fine tune my job performance … I was very opposed to DealerPRO coming into our dealership. I was positive I wouldn’t learn anything. But my sales, hours per RO, ELR, CSI and of course my paycheck have improved …”
John Mier, Service Advisor, Patchetts Ford,
Turlock, CA

“Two days into this adventure I became aware that we weren’t just another client to them, they actually listened and cared. DealerPRO’s representatives stood by our sides and worked with us on the service drive with our customers. There were daily training sessions and constant encouragement.We were treated as people. DealerPRO has helped our team grow and become a unit working towards the same goal and helping each other attain our individual goals. DealerPRO followed through with their promise of increased profits, making my job easier and my paycheck has increased.”
Reba, Service Advisor, Hambelton LaGreca
Chevrolet, Hutchinson, KS

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